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Hello guys Welcome to my channel I am a Software Engineer by profession however I love to travel a lot You can think me as a travel enthusiast I have been doing several tours for past years all over Bangladesh This is my personal channel After several years of touring
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Display YouTube Channel Videos at your Joomla Site.

This is an Amazing Joomla Module that displays YouTube channel Videos at Joomla website. This module is very light-weight and clean coded. It uses Google API key to pull YouTube videos using YouTube data API. The configuration of this module is very simple - You just need YouTube channel ID and Google API Key. "Even No API Key needed" to run this module. A test key is given there by default, you can use that too. The module has 4 different layouts, all of them are customizable. You can customize the style as your own of each template/layout. The module has a customizable carousel slider too. You can gallery YouTube videos in a carousel slider. Along all of these, It has much more features at module back-end. Here is the simple steps to configure:

  • Install and publish the module to any module position.
  • Set Google API Key: A test Google API key is given there. You can choose that. However, we recomand to use your own API key.
  • Set YouTube channel ID: The YouTube channel, from where you want to show the videos.
  • That's it. Save the module and see the front-end.
  • There are several settings and customizable styles you can check them out and use them.

→ Module Settingsx

  • There are four layouts - 'Default Grid', 'Blog', 'Flat' & 'Carousel' . You can choose anyone of them.
  • Test key is given by default. You can use that one to check the module is working on not. It's better to create your own API Key
  • Set your YouTube Channel ID. The YouTube channel from where you want to show the videos.
  • Set API Feed Limit. How many videos shlould be pulled by API. You can set any limit, by default it's 20.
  • Set API calling schedule. When the API should run to pull the latest videos.
  • Load jQery library: This is optional, You can turn it off if the module works fine without it.